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    Cannot connect to wireless printer
    I have a macbook and a windows laptop. Both were connected to my wireless epson xp-400 printer. Out of the blue, the mac disconnected from the printer and I cannot get it to reconnect. I have tried resetting the printer setting and the mac is still not connecting. It will not even ping the IP address. The windows laptop can print fine. I am at a loss as to what to try next. HELP!!!

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    Hi Suzanne... - welcome to the forum!

    You'll need to provide more information: 1) Macbook model & OS; and 2) Windows version & PC brand/model. Also, an explanation of your network - I'm assuming you have broadband w/ a Wi-Fi router and that both of your computers are communicating w/ the printer wirelessly - correct?

    If not already done, you may want to power recycle your modem/router (i.e. turn each off then sequentially plug in the modem first and the router next) - in addition, have you re-booted your Macbook? Let me stop there for you to respond - answers to these questions will help members to better respond - good luck! Dave

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    Its a macbook pro OS X and a dell laptop latitude D650I have restarted everything and I am connecting both wirelessly. I am connecting to the router fine with the MAC wirelessly and the printer was working fine until the other day when it just stopped connecting. The wireless router is a Xytel from Comcast.

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