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    Mac Harddisk icon not saving location. Please advise
    Hey all, I have a new ibook g4 running osx 10.3 and have a strange problem with the icon for my mac hd not saving it's location on the screen when I set it. After I reboot the icon is usually in the middle of the screen and if I move it back to the top right it does not stay once the machine restarts. I have repaired the permissions on the drive. I also logged in as my wife and the icon is in the correct location (top right) and as the root account too with the icon also in the correct location. My account is the admin account for the machine. Any ideas on what I should be looking for? Someone mentioned that I may have a corrupted pref file.

    Thanks for any info.


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    Just updating this say I have resolved the issue. For some strange reason when I had the toast icon directly below the mac HD icon it would cause the problems. The toast icon must be larger than it appears. Very strange since I'm a pc / novell / microsoft / linux guy and never saw such strange icon issues.


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