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    My Mac won't let me delete Windows Media Player...I need help please
    Hey everyone,

    Ok this has never happened to me before, but my imac isn't letting me delete an application. I want to delete Windows Media Player (The program opens than freezes) I want to delete it, and then download it again and reinstall it.
    The problem started when I transferred the application through usb to my clamshell(It doesn't have internet access). After I copied the file to my clamshell, Windows Media Player lost its original icon, it was replaced with a default "application" icon.
    Whenever I move the file to the trash bin and attempt to delete it, my imac tells me its "locked". I did that 'Get Info' thing on the file, but it wasn't locked afterall. I have restarted and tried it again, but the trash bin tells me stuff like "The operation cannot be completed because item wmphelp.htm is locked" Even though none of the files are locked. I triple checked this lol, they're not locked. Also, the Windows Media Player isn't running either.
    Can someone help me? This is driving me nuts since I can no longer use Windows Media Player.:closed:
    Thanks in advance!!

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    I've had this problem too, make sure windows media player is the only thing in the trash. Then it should work. Don't bother reinstalling it just use this....

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    Force empty the trash by doing either by pressing option empty trash or command empty trash. One of then with empty the trash with the error message.
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    Thanks rman!
    Thanks very much, rman, for your advice...had the exact same problem as the original poster above, about two hours worth of going nuts myself trying to fix it. Found this page, used your advice, what a beautiful sound it was when the trash emptied immediately. Thanks again for taking the time to respond to the original poster, rman, you helped me, too. Much appreciated. Best, J

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