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    iOS 7 imessaging issues.
    I have recently updated my Mom's iPhone 4S to iOS 7, and we are having issues with imessaging. We all share an apple account, and from her phone is imessaging people from my email account- . She does have her own email address, but I am not sure if it is attached to her phone number.

    Also- my friend no longer has an iphone, and when I text her, it is still sending as an imessage. So when I text her- her mom gets it as as imessage. How do I fix this?

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    Can you go into Settings>Messages>Send & Receive and see what options are check marked? It sounds like your mom needs to uncheck your # and/or email address and only have her # and/or email address checked.

    Same for your friend's mom. Her mom probably has her daughter's # checked.
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