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    iPhoto Drag n Drop to Desktop issue
    Hi guys, hope you can help me out with this minor issue I've been having. For a long time dragging pictures out of iPhoto to my Desktop has not been an issue at all. Recently for some unknown reason now when I try to drag an image out to the desktop everything lags. Not just a little lag but a lot.

    I can drag the image around fine in iPhoto, but the moment I most it out of it's window and hover it over the desktop my mouse it all jerky and I can't drop the image onto the desktop.

    I thought it may just be hanging, and I'd just hold it over the desktop for a couple of seconds and it would catch on and work. That's not the case.

    FYI, the same thing happens when I try to drag the image to a folder.

    Using the latest version of iPhoto and latest version of ML.

    Thanks for any assistance.

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    It would help if you could share anything you've done to try to troubleshoot this problem. Let's start with the most basic: have you done a complete reboot?

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