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Thread: Dead HDD

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    Aug 22, 2013
    Dead HDD
    I've been asked to repair a friends imac, my first mac repair, the hdd a WD caviar 250gb is dead, can I just buy another WD hdd or does it need to be mac specific? I see there are locating pins on one side of the drive can these be used in a new drive & how can the heat sensor be attached, any advice appreciated.

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    26,572 should become one of your best friends for Mac teardowns.

    Never owned or tore down an iMac myself so can't help much.
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    If this is a 2009 or later iMac be aware that the heat sensors are extremely delicate and interfering with them will force the fans into jumbo jet mode permanently. Have a read of this first. iMacs are the very devil to crack and work on.
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    Thanks for that HarryB, I removed the hdd to put some power thro it and it ran, but was noisy, in my experience that's not good when I replaced it and booted the system the fan was ok, so I guess I got away with it. any idea about the type of drive, or the pins?

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    What year and model iMac is it? New iMacs what identical drives, older iMacs are OK with pretty much any drive.
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    I believe the proprietary sensor cable was first used in the iMac 2010 models on up and not the 2009. I remember reading that with the older iMacs all that had to be done was attach the heat sensor to the new hard drive. No special cable or drive required. The later model iMacs do need special consideration.

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    Model No on foot is A1224
    Description is IMAC20"/2ghz/1gb/250gb/sd/ap/bt
    Serial no W8733HFCX85

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