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Thread: Cant install anything (security agent problem)

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    Cant install anything (security agent problem)
    So clean my mac did a number on my computer and now when i go to install things, it gets to the part where it asks for my password, a Securit Agent program starts, but the window never pops up and then the installation process freezes. This also means that I cannot boot into recovery for some reason. I have 10.8 on a usb as well as 10.7. Is there anything i can click and drag out to reset the security agent?

    I have tried disk repair/permission repair. did not work


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    Based on this thread and your other thread and no telling what else you're going to find wrong with continued use, would suggest after you make a backup of your personal data, that you use that 10.8 flash drive you have to wipe (re-partition the drive) and reinstall OS X and do not put CleanMyMac back on that machine.
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    When I 1st bought my iMac recently I downloaded the trial version of it to try it out. After some reading on the forum I decided to uninstall it and that is when the problems started. I got most of the program out but kept getting notification popups and when I moved something to the trash I would get popups. I went to the website where I downloaded it and read a guide how to uninstall manually with no luck. I tried using the finder search and looked threw countless folders trying to find leftover files with no luck. I winded up sending MacPaw an email asking for help and they emailed me a removal tool which actually worked great and have no issues now. I would upload it but I see no area for file uploads here on the site. Send them an email and see if you can get the removal tool, works great!

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