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    Bootcamp issues installing Windoes 7 on iMac 27" (early 2013 model)
    Hi guys,

    Firstly I am brand new to the Mac-forums and am not entirely sure if I am posting in the right section. If I'm not, I heartily apologise.

    I bought an iMac 27" last week and am now trying to partition the hard drive via BootCamp with a (yes, i admit it) pirated download of Windows Home Premium 7.

    Everything worked fine turning a USB into my Windows drive, as the new iMacs don't have a built in optical drive. Once i got to the installation of Windows, however, I got to choose the language preferences but then had the error message "No device drivers were found. Make sure that the installation media contains the correct drivers." I could browse through the available drivers, which were 'Bootcamp', 'Boot' and then my Windows driver. I tried all three drivers without any result, besides the same error message.

    I then quit the installation which restarted my iMac. It automatically started the Windows installation again, however this time I am stuck with a black screen and the error message, 'No detectable device - insert boot disk and press any key.' I know that I can restart my iMac and go straight back into OSX by holding alt-opt while it boots. I have done so much internet trawling to find a solution, with no luck - what I want, is to be able to finish installing Windows 7 on my Mac, not just to get out of the installation and go back to OSX.

    One suggestion I found was that the USB wasn't being recognised cause its in a USB 3.0 port, and it only works with USB 2.0 ports. Fine, however I don't have any USB 2.0 ports on my iMac that I'm aware of (please correct me if I'm wrong). Again, I don't have an optical drive to try the process again with a burnt Windows 7 disk.

    Does any body have ANY suggestions, or know any way of making this work? I will forever send you telepathic wishes of longevity and worldly riches for helping me figure this out.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mariah View Post
    I bought an iMac 27" last week and am now trying to partition the hard drive via BootCamp with a (yes, i admit it) pirated download of Windows Home Premium 7.
    Appreciate the honesty...but we cannot continue this conversation.

    - Nick
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