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    Question System disk not available in Time Machine
    New member to the forums, but a long time reader. Usually all it takes is a couple of searches here to find the solution to your problems, but this time I'm having trouble finding info at all on this issue.
    Maybe I'm not frazing my searches correctly, and if this issue's been resolved earlier I apologize and hope someone could point me to it.

    Anyway, I'm hoping to get some help with this issue that I'm having with Time Machine. I have a MBP with a Intel SSD as my system disk running Mountain Lion. I've had it for about six months but been putting of setting up my Time Machine backup because I've been really busy, stupid and a bad prioritizer .
    So finally I've gotten around to setting it all up, but sadly it didnt take long for me to encounter problems.
    When I activate Time Machine and it asks me which drive I would like to back up, my system drive is not showing in the list. The only drives available is my internal storage hdd and the connect to time capsule option.

    Anybody know anything about this issue? I'm very unnerved by not having a backup of my drive since it's my work computer and if it crashed without backup I'd be completlly f*ed!
    Super thankful for any assistance!!

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    It is not asking you which drive you want to back up. TM backs up the system partition.

    It is asking which drive you want to use for the backups... e.g. which drive is it suppose to place the backup on?
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