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    downloading photos from cell phone
    Not sure if this is the right place, but I can't seem to find anything in my cell phone's user manual. I have a an LG a340 (not an apple product) cell phone and thought I could download the photos I've taken to my mac; but no luck so far. I wouldn't be surprised if I couldn't, nor really disappointed, but I wast just wondering if anyone out there might have some tips/advice on how to do this, if possible. I thought I could jut plug in the USB cord to my mac, and could download, but not so.

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    You can only drag music to the phone with a microSD card. The manual page 53 shows you how to set up the phone as a Mass Storage device..

    You cannot drag photos off the phone it looks like..
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    While I don't have your particular type of phone, I do have a LG VN150 phone that is similar to yours. I found that I could use bluetooth to connect to the phone and off load my photos that way. Put your phone in discovery via the menu and see if you can pair it to your mac. If it will pair, it may give you browse access to photos. Might be worth a try.


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    Or you could email them to yourself.

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    downloading photos from cell phone
    I also have the same phone. You said that your phone and computer are paired, but will not remain connected to download photos to your computer. Go to your system preferences. Select sharing. Make sure BLUETOOTH SHARING box is checked, then highlight it. You will need to identified how and where the items you are downloading will be placed on your computer. I made a folder called BLUETOOTH on my desk top. I set up to "Accept and Save" WHEN RECEIVING ITEMS; and "bluetooth" as the FOLDER FOR ACCEPTED ITEMS. You can do it however you wish, but you will have to set up your computer to be able to bluetooth to it with your phone or other device. Good luck

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