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    Installing an Application (Requires Java VM)
    I'm trying to install an application for my work called "Fonality." Every time I try to install, I get an error which reads: This application requires Mac OS Java VM 1.5 to run.

    I have installed Java for OS X and confirmed in the Java control panel that I am running version 7 update 25. Technically, Fonality only supports up to OS 10.5, but I'm assuming that I should be able to make the program work for 10.8 (just as I could find a way to make a Windows 7 program work with Windows 8), although I may be wrong about that.

    Any advice?

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    May not work if it is a PowerPC application., Alas from lion onwards no support for Rosetta to make this type of application work. Both Tiger OS X.4 and Leopard OS X.5 are capable of running PowerPC programs.,
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    Harry is correct. The support page states it will only work up to Leopard (OS X 10.5.8) which means it's either a universal app with PPC code or it's entirely based on PPC code. It won't work on Snow Leopard, Lion, or Mountain Lion.

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