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    Oct 04, 2012
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    My mac keeps freezing after l put it in sleep
    Lately l have had a problem with my mac when l open the mac again after having closed it. Most of the time it freezes and l have to restart it to make it work. Anybody who knows what this might come of?
    l have never had the problem before in the almost 2 years l have had the mac. Maybe once or twice, but l cannot remember having done it at all before.
    But the last week or so it occurs more often than not, or at least so it seems.
    Anybody else who had experienced this? Any idea what it might come of?
    The last two apps that l have installed before this happened is Rinse and Gamepad Companion. Although l have had Rinse a while before l started getting this problem. But Gamepad Companion l installed right before or right after. Neither of them are almost never running though.

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    Boot to your Recovery Partition: Hold down command + r keys as soon as you hear the bong sound and keep holding them until the machine goes into recovery. Once in recovery, select Utilities, Disk Utility. Verify the hard drive. Let's see if there are any errors. (I'm assuming you're referring to the 2011 MacBook Air listed in your specs.)

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    What happens if you quit ALL programs (ie nothing but Finder running) before putting the machine to sleep?

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    Oct 04, 2012
    13' Macbook Air 2011 Mac OS Maverick 10.9.3
    I tried what you suggested chscag, but it didnt find any problems. But it was 2 or 3 disks to choose from in the menu, even though l only have one and l wasnt sure which one to choose.

    However, it hasnt been like that for at least a week or two now. l think maybe it disappeared after an upgrade. So hopefully it wont come back
    Thanks for the help, chas_m and chscag

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    I had a similar issue, after my MBP was asleep for more than a hour, it would take up to 3 mins to wake, white translucent screen with a progress bar, took it to Apple and they stress tested it overnight and gave it back to me AOK. I got home and the problem still occurred, and i fixed the problem by installing a 256GB SSD in the Optical Drive bay with a Data Doubler.
    Im just saying this, because i think even Apple get it wrong sometimes. I even went shopping for a couple of hour when at the Store and do you think i could replicate the problem ?? Nah but soon as i got home it did exactly the same thing.
    Now with a SSD i havnt looked back, and now i have a 750GB HD as my Media Storage
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