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    i tunes
    how on earth can i put onto my computer a cd ,then move that song(s) onto a usb stick ? can anyone advise me in detail the procedure to do this thanks greatly??

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    Do you the CD Converted first into MP3 or AAC or whatever you prefer first? What are you going to use the play the USB stick after you do it?

    Best way is put in the CD and have iTunes convert and add the tracks to the library then make a Playlist then mark and drag the files to your USB stick. That is what I do here anyway but maybe someone has another way you might prefer. Please tell us exactly what you are doing like I asked above. If you want no compression and have a large USB stick you can have iTunes convert into WAVE files.

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    Hi Barry - I agree w/ Travis, i.e. would be nice to know why you want to put these audio files onto a USB stick - may help us in being more specific w/ suggestions?

    Plus, as suggested you need to state whether you want 'compressed' or 'uncompressed' audio files? For myself, I rip audio tracks using iTunes into compressed MP3 files (about 10% the size of the tracks on a CD), then setup playlists which I drag to my connected iPod Touch for my mobile music needs. Apple's lossy AAC codec is similar to MP3 but may not play on all audio devices. Uncompressed files are MUCH larger, e.g. just ripping into WAV consumes about 10MB per minute (vs. about 1MB for a decent MP3), so you need to make a decision and also explain how you plan to use these files?

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