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    Odd situation
    I have a iMac that was used as a guest computer in the hotel business center in which my company operated but was equiped by a third party. Since my company lost the contract with the hotel the third party gave me us free iMacs. however I get home, power the computer and it loads the hotel guest business center page that ask for cc info, guest room #, guest name etc. I can't get to the System Preferences or online access due to this business center home page. I believe I need a recovery disc to wipe the system OS? How do I bypass this business center home page so I can use for my personal use. I'm sure this sounds crazy confusing and my apologies. If anyone can lead me in the right direction or even understands my issue please help.

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    What you have there, at the moment, is someone else's computer rather than yours. You need to make it yours.

    How to do this: first, find out what you can about exactly what model it is. Hopefully it can run Snow Leopard (10.6), which can be purchased from Apple for $20. You would use this DVD to erase and reformat the iMac and install a new system on it.

    THEN the machine is really yours. Not before.

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