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    Aug 02, 2013
    Two missing arrows
    I am very distressed over the fact that Mountain Lion does not have the two little arrows at at the bottom of the sculling bar.

    I cannot imagine why they removed them. I need them back. MOST of the time I want to move through email or a web site one line at a time, and cannot do that any longer.

    Actually, Apple if you're listening... I HATE that you removed those arrows.

    Please bring them back or give me a way to get them back.

    Any ideas folks?

    Thank you,

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    Aug 02, 2013
    Scrolling bar
    It's spelled scrolling bar... I made a typo.

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    Actually, it's just Scrollbar.

    You can use the arrow keys to scroll a line at a time.

    It's really quite easy to move through just about anything one line at a time.
    It's called inertia and the trackpad responds to the speed at which you move your fingers across it.
    Just try spending 15 seconds to move your fingers from top to the bottom of the trackpad.
    Once you get use to inertia, you'll never go back to those stinking arrows and have to move your cursor all around the screen in order to scroll.

    After hollering myself initially with Lion - us old codgers don't always like change - can count on the fingers of one hand the number of times per month I have any use for the actual scrollbar.
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    Aug 02, 2013
    Thanks for that reply, but I use a Wacom tablet, not a track pad on a Mac Mini. I'll try the arrow keys, but I shouldn't have to take my hand off my tablet to do that.

    I just want the arrows back. They didn't take up room and they were very useful on a minute by minute basis.

    There was no reason to remove them. It was a colossal mistake.

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