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bkpr 12-07-2003 06:30 AM

Personal File Sharing keeps un-checking itself...

Whenever I SHUT DOWN either of my two macs, the Personal File Sharing checkbox un-checks itself. This doesn't occur when the computers are put to sleep. Any idea why? It's driving me crazy!
I'm running a G4 Dual 1GHz machine, and a G3 iBook 500MHz. Both are running Panther 10.3.1, but this issue has been present throughout my OSX honeymoon. I've just set up a wireless network at home using Airport (not extreme) and previously used (or tried) both straight and cross-over cables to connect my macs with the same issue.
That's it I think...

oh.. and another thing: The dual G4s at home AND at work don't want to recognise my iPod anymore (2nd generation 20GB). All other macs running Panther do, the Dual G4s have just stopped recently. Do these machines have crappy FireWire connectors? I've tested on G4 400 (x2), G4 867, G5 dual 2GHz, iBook 500 and 800 and al worked. weird...

Thanks in advance,

bkpr 12-07-2003 06:33 AM

...I mean the file sharing stuff in System Prefs > Sharing > Services (forgot to put that in the original post)

Thanks again

bkpr 12-11-2003 08:05 PM


Hooked up some ADSL and an airport wireless network for both my macs... and BOTH problems disappeared. Go figure?!?


check out:

StarManta 12-13-2003 03:57 AM

Apple probably needs to see this post.... more than likely there is actually a good reason it was getting unchecked, knowing mac os. *shrug*

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