First time poster here. I am trying to solve an issue that we are running into at my job.
Lately, we have had a growing need for a large number of employees to work with the latest Mac OS X on MacBook Pros. Unfortunately, the work they do on their Mac isn't as heavy as the work they do on Windows. With software that will only run on Windows (and vice-versa) and other corporate compliance stuff, it has become tedious and expensive to keep this going. Our company can get a Windows based laptop for about a quarter of the price of the MacBooks they are getting.
My solution I thought of was to somehow use our VMWare ESXi servers (Dell) to host a Mac OS X machine(s) for the users to log into and work from their Windows based PCs. I envision something similar to Windows Terminal Services where multiple people could log in and work simultaneously. Is this even a possibility? If so what would be the best way to go about it. Since this would save quite a bit of money if this was put in place, buying software and licenses to do it wouldn't be a problem.
Just a side note, we have explored alternative options such as Boot Camp and Parallels that just don't work out the way we need. I would love to just focus on the VMWare solution that I presented, or similar. Thank you.