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    Help with Screen Sharing
    Gonna try to make a long story short. When I upgraded to Mountain Lion I stopped being able to share screens with my mom who lives 3 hours away. I thought it was cause I was on messages and she still had ichat cause we could share so easy for the longest time.

    Ok both of us have AIM / Messages ... both of us have Screen Sharing enabled in settings under sharing. Nothing blocking the connection that we know of. I talked to Apple support 4 times and they were able to connect to me fine, so it has to be on my moms end. The settings are right ... I can't seem to find any issues actually blocking me, yet I cannot connect to her at all.

    Something I had forgotten to tell Apple though since it wasn't something my mom mentioned much, was that when I send her requests for Screen Sharing she hears clicking. Now I can see her requests to me and I click accept nothing happens, but then I try to send a request to her she doesn't even get the pop up. At this point Apple has no clue, I've exhausted what options I know of. Do any of you have any idea what this could be? It is just that her iMac is getting up in years and a component is broken that screen shares or something lol. Seems to me that has to be the final problem, cause I've done the VNC route, Messages route, remote management, just all the different things I could do and nothing is working. I updated her to Mountain Lion just to see if that helped but it didnt.

    So mainly I'd just love some input from y'all if you have any insights. Thanks
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    Have you tried using TeamViewer .
    Free for personal use and has always worked for me.
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    All I can tell you is that screen sharing still works for me just fine talking to people with Messages OR with iChat.

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