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    internet connection
    Would anybody explain, step by step, how to link my Iphone4 to my Macbook(10.8.4) so that I can have an internet connection from the cellular net, on the Macbook, when I am off limits any other connection.

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    Depending on which country you are in. Here in Australia, i go into settings, then hit Personal Hotspot and then connect my MBP to that Hotspot, that WILL have a password on it.
    IF your say the US, you need to have a deal with your Cellular Provider to have a Tethering Deal in your contract (Please US folk correct me if im wrong).
    As to other countries i have know idea what so ever, but if you have Personal Hotspot on your phone under settings, then tap it and follow the prompts. If not, you might have to Jailbreak the iPhone and do it that way.


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    You should first check to see if your carrier provides tethering. If they do, you'll have the option for "personal hotspot" on the main page of Settings, under "Bluetooth." If not, it won't be there.

    Edit: if the "Personal Hotspot" button is there, just flick it on, name your new private network and (CRUCIALLY IMPORTANT) set a password for it.

    Then open your computer or other device, look for the new network you created, join it and type in the password. That's it.

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    As far as I'm aware, the four main US carriers provide tethering or the "hot spot" option. (Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, and T-Mobile) They may charge extra for it, however.

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