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    connecting G4 to G5
    I recently purchased a used, refurbished G5 PPC. It will be running Leopard 10.5. It has 2GB of memory and an 80GB HD. My current machine, a 2002 Quicksilver G4 (purchsed new) is running Tiger 10.4.11. It has 1.5 GB of memory. In addition to the original 40GB HD I also installed two 500GB drives, partitioned into four drives. I also have an 80GB external HD but hardly use that any more.
    My goal is to connect the G4 to the G5 with the G5 as the startup machine. I want to be able to access all the files on the G4 from the G5. I only have one monitor and one keyboard. What is the best and simplest way to accomplish this. Thanks.

    Jim Scarborough-Kirk

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    Assuming you have them networked together (wired or wirelessly) toy can access the files on the G4 by turning on filesharing on the G4. Normally Tiger only shares the home folder, but if you install Sharepoint you can share whatever folders and volumes you like

    HornWare: SharePoints

    With the keyboard attached to the G5 you can still use screen sharing to control the G4, just turn screen sharing on the G4 as well
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