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Thread: Appreciable Slowdown of my Macbook

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    Unhappy Appreciable Slowdown of my Macbook
    I have a Macbook with following specs:

    HD 159 GB
    Currently available: 16.5 GB
    OS X Version 10.8.4 (Mountain Lion)
    Memory 2 GB
    Processor 2.13 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo

    I recently upgraded from V. 10.6 to v. 10.8.4 Mountain Lion

    My operating speed has reduced significantly - whenever I want to open an application or even a file, I get the multi-coloured revolving circle, and it takes some time for a positive response.

    This slow-down seems to have followed the upgrading of my operating system - not sure if it's just a co-incidence and there's some other problem lurking.

    From the specs I've given above, is the slowdown due to extra strain on my system caused by installation of Mountain Lion? Do I now have insufficient Memory or HD capacity?

    I am in the process of going through my files to delete as much unnecessary items as possible and increase available space on my HD, but not sure if this is the answer.(I am using Secure Empty Trash when clearing out deleted files from Trash)

    Any suggestions or solutions for my problem will be highly appreciated

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    You're on the edge there. But with a few tweaks it'll run Mountain Lion just fine.

    As a rule you want to keep 10% free disk space as a minimum.

    I'd look to getting 4gb of RAM. That's going to help a lot.

    Once you've cleared out some space from your own data/documents grab Onyx and run everything on the automation tab. Once that's complete reboot and reset your PRAM.

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    And some of us say 15% minimum. Suggest installing a larger hard drive of say 500GB, pop the current drive in an external case and use for you backups via Time Machine or cloning software. And of course more memory.
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    Good advice in the previous replies. While Mountain Lion is a great version of OS X, older machines like yours will run better with Snow Leopard. As pointed out, a larger and faster hard drive and more memory will get you back up to speed.

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