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    Question Can't open JPGs Files on my Mac.
    So I have an external hard drive that would READ/WRITE on my Mac because the format was only for Windows. I found some software to change the format of the external drive to the readable and writable format for Mac and Windows. As I did this, I was not aware that it would delete all my files that I had on there. After I reformatted it, I found some more software that would return all my files that I lost on my External Drive. As i restored everything, it was a mess. Some JPGs were viewable and some said they were corrupted or something and somehow got messed up when I was retrieving the data again. You can see the kind of files im dealing with so you can get an idea.

    I need to be able to access these pictures, so if you guys would help me out, it would be great!
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    When you recover files it's very much hit and miss as to whether they are intact or not.

    131k for an image file (depending on what it is) is tiny - think icon sized. So I suspect that while the file name and entry has been found the data has not been recovered.

    If a disk is formatted using the same file structure you can often recover data but changing the file structure makes it much more difficult. If these files are of great importance I would stop using it immediately and contact a commercial data recovery specialist.

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