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    Finder search: Filter by path name
    I have searched this forum as well as Google on the subject, but couldn't find anything. (Well actually, I found one or two forum posts about it but neither had gotten any replies.) Maybe I'm just using the wrong search terms ? ... Anyway:

    My problem is this:

    I just finished batch processing a big list of WAV-files in Audacity. These files were in different locations. Audacity populated each one of the original paths with a new folder called 'Cleaned' and put the processed files in these new folders. Now, I want to access all these files in order to drag them onto another application for further processing.

    So, I open finder, go to the location where all of my audio files are located and in the search box I type 'wav' and finder let's me limit the results to files that are of wav-type. The problem is that this also brings up the unprocessed files. So, I want Finder to only show files located in a folder named 'Cleaned', but ... I can't find that option.

    I'm able to filter results by music genre, tempo and even key (!) but i can't seem to find an option to filter by 'path contains ...' or similar.

    I'm starting to believe that this option doesn't exist, but I hope that some people in here can tell me otherwise.

    Thanks in advance!

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    Filter the search by date, that should isolate the recent converted tracks
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    Ah, of course that would have worked. Didn't even think of that...
    I ended up using another alternative solution: opening Automator. So first I just searched for every folder called 'Cleaned', then dropped these in the automator workflow. From there I set it to move al folder contents to another folder.

    But, still, the question remains: is it not possible to filter by path directly in finder?

    Thanks for the reply - I didn't expect to get any this quickly!

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