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    my macbook doesn't start
    Help! My macbook doesn't start up and the flashing white light in the front bottom is not on. The battery is not good and sometimes the macbook shuts down unexpectedly. But it always starts right up again. I was ripping a movie to the hard drive and it shut down but this time, it will not start again.

    A similar thing happened recently because the battery had run down. However, the battery was fully charged and it is plugged in so that could not be the problem.

    I wonder if the hard drive got filled up...could that prevent it from opening?

    Any help welcome!

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    Same thing happened to me with an older PowerBook G4. New battery - all was well. It deteriorated in the same manner that yours did. It would run off of the power adapter only if the battery was removed from the chassis. Try pulling the battery out and just running from the A/C. If that works, replace the battery!

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