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    Questioning Software?
    Ok so right now I am debating wether fan controls and anti virus software are really good for a mac?

    The anti virus has come in handy maybe once in my life as I said in a previous post for scanning other peoples usb's and there is the occasional email which carries a virus.

    As far as fan control I use smc fan control because i find my laptop can get extremely hot like 70 degrees plus.

    Currently I am using a mac book pro mid 2012 with retina display.
    Any thoughts on this topic would be much appreciated

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    Here's your answer: no and no.

    There aren't any Mac viruses, Apple is already protecting you against malware threats, and the only purpose of anti-virus programs is to mostly waste resources. The email viruses you get occasionally as attachments from infected PCs can only harm other PCs, not Macs.

    Fan controls override Apple's design for heat reduction and can cause more problems than they solve. Those fans are designed to turn slowly and quietly; in addition to making your machine noisier, you're wearing them out faster unnecessarily. 70C is *not* an unusual temperature reading; my CPU temp is 71C right now and all I'm doing is writing this (no other programs are running). Your *notebook* (which is not a laptop) can get quite warm because *that is how it disperses heat* -- interfering with that (like putting it on a soft surface like your lap) is only going to make it work harder as well as toast the family jewels.

    The best way to improve your notebook's cooling is to elevate it slightly on a riser, as this improves air flow under the notebook.

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