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    Excel Mac Error Font size must between 1 and 409
    Whenever I try to change the colour of the border of cells or an area in Mac Excel 2011 i get an error: "Font size must between 1 and 409" and cannot change the colour of the border.

    The only easy way is to change the font size of all the cells to the same size, which is not convenient at all as sometimes the font has different font sizes and it wants to have one font size.

    I have found a way which is very difficult and frustrating but you select Format Cell - Font.
    Clicking through with the tab button - Font - Font Style - Size (as there is no size selected due to different sizes). IF you select the size it changes all the font to that one size which has to be undone. Then I undo it and then go back to format cell and and click through it again and say OK. Sometimes it takes a few "undo's" and doing it again before I can change the colour of the selected area or cells.

    This is really not ideal and a HUGE bug in the Excel system but at least now I can move pass it.

    If someone has a better way of doing this please let me know.


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    more of same ...
    I too have been intensely frustrated by this bug and REALLY wish that the border manual-draw tool was still available. (Upgraded this year from Office 200 to 2011 - yikes!)

    This error seems to have been around for at least 2.5 years based on reports of it that I have seen. (I guess since it came out in 2011??)

    The time it takes to do the work-around really reduces my usability of excel where the appearance & easy visual retrieval of data is important.

    Come on Microsoft - this is appalling !!!!

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    The Microsoft Excel on line forums for Mac Office 2011 is where you should be addressing this not here. Joining is free and I'm sure you can find some kind of definitive answer there from the MS MVPs. LINK

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    This problem is all over various mac forums -- I figure Mac people are probably more creative in finding solutions as the Microsoft folks obviously haven't solved this one yet... Hoping that some other workaround may have been discovered that I haven't yet found .....

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