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    Apr 02, 2011
    Alfa AWUS036H
    I just received this wireless adapter in the mail and am anxious to use it, but I can't get it installed!

    I have tried everything I found while searching with no success. But, everything I've found has also been most recently from last year.

    I tried downloading the drivers off their website and installing it through the terminal. No luck.
    I tried downloading the Windows version through Wine Bottle, but haven't tried any other Windows switch-over programs.

    Can anyone help?!!

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    How can anyone help you when you haven't told us which wireless adapter you have?

    Which Mac do you have, year and model?

    What version of OS X is it running?

    Supply the above info and maybe someone can assist....

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    I believe the make of the wireless adapter is in the thread title. The OP may have changed the thread title following your post, of course.

    The other info chscag asked for would be super helpful, along with why you think you need this in the first place (the last Mac that didn't come with built-in Wi-Fi came out last century).

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