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    TenFourFox...STILL GOOD?
    i have 1.33 GHz PowerPC G4, OS Tiger 10.4.11, my browser is Firefox 3.6.28 and i have Yahoo as my email. i know i can upgrade to Leopard, i was told. but i can ALSO DL TenFourFox for free, and it seems fine. i know there was an issue with HTLM5 and flash regarding YouTube, but is that such a problem now? would it still be a viable solution? thanks for all help, kurt

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    Well Kurt try it and see. Have not heard any complaints about TenFourFox.
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    It's built off of a slightly older but still supported version of Firefox. So, you might run into a few issues as people adopt more modern technology but it should be much better than 3.6.
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