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Cyborgelmo 07-13-2013 07:31 AM

Keyboard problems.
Hello,please bare with me on this story of mine,

I own a Mac OS X version 10.5.8. It has been giving me the glitches this past week,mainly when using Firefox. Biggest problem up until now was that it kept changing the keyboard settings on its own. For instance,I would write 'Hello,how are you today''? And it would come out as'' IJzUFApA 129KL.XA;3sa''. - I dealt with that by crying and hitting my keyboard while fiddling with the settings ,somehow that fixed it,but it still would at one point decide to spite me and change the settings.
So,today,it was all ok up until 40 minutes ago. It did the change again. I didn't want to see the computer at this point so I turned it off and went away. Come back ,turn on,asks for password,guess what? ''OAY,ZP;;08A'' I can't type it in,everything is changed. Smashed a few buttons on the keyboard. Fixed it. Log on,try to open Firefox. Gray question mark appears on the browser. Didn't think much of it since Firefox has been doing the spasms on me,so tried safari. Same thing. Google Chrome,same thing. Itunes,opens,at least now I can listen to some fancy tunes.
But still doesn't resolve the whole browser thing.

I hope you can understand my frustration with this,and can help. I am very desperate.
(By the way; I don't live in a country where they have apple stores,so don't suggest that I go to my local one)
Thank you.

louishen 07-13-2013 08:18 AM

The keyboard thing sounds like you are accidentally changing the system language, try deselecting the keyboard shortcut to change the keyboard input

keyboard shortcuts | Mac OS X Leopard & Tiger Dual Boot

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