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Thread: Macbook Pro trackpad won't click.

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    Macbook Pro trackpad won't click.
    About 3 months ago, my trackpad on my Macbook Pro 2009 lost the ability to click. I could not physically press it down. Then about 1 month ago, it was being very funky and acting erratic, so I took it into the apple store and they told me I needed to replace the trackpad. Rather than paying the $100 for them to do it, I ordered the parts online and replaced it myself. The trackpad is no longer erratic and works great that way, but I am still unable to click. I adjusted the small screw under the trackpad to make it very loose, but it still will not push down. Any suggestions or tips on what I can do to trouble shoot or sold this problem?

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    Make sure your battery is not swollen. We have seen this problem when the battery swells preventing the trackpad from clicking (pushing it down).

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    Good one Charlie. When I read the OP's post earlier...I was trying to think what could be wrong (especially with a new trackpad). A swollen battery is a definite possibility.

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