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    Trouble Editing HTML Document With TextEdit
    Hi everyone,

    This is my first post here and I appreciate this forum being here. It looks like a great community.

    I'm actually writing in an effort to help someone struggling with TextEdit and I cannot see their screen (They're 1500 miles away) and I have no experience with Macs so my help is minimal.

    I'm hoping you guys could assist me, and here's my story;

    I'm working with someone over the telephone in an attempt to enable them to edit an html document but we're having trouble.

    Even after reviewing both of the articles below, the person at the other end is still having troubles but I believe this to be because they can't find the "Preferences" menu and I don't know where it is.

    Here's what we have reviewed;
    Quick Tip: Configure TextEdit for Coding HTML | Mactuts+
    Mac OS X: How to Set Up TextEdit as an HTML or Plain Text Editor

    If anyone could shed some light on this I'd be most appreciative and I thank you all in advance.

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    I would think that a text editor like text wrangler is a much better solution for html editing, especially as you get color coded code

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    louishen is right - the best solution to any problems you have with TextEdit and HTML editing is abandoning TextEdit. The reason for this is simple - TE is designed for lightweight text editing and rich text creation/editing. The last thing it was designed to do was edit code.

    Adopt a better editor (such as TextWrangler or TextMate) and enjoy a much more productive environment.
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