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Thread: paragon ntfs not working

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    Jul 09, 2013
    paragon ntfs not working
    i have downloaded and payed for paragon nfts on my new 15" macbook but when i try to transfer a file over 4gb onto a fat32 windows formated drive it still comes up with: The item “...” can’t be copied because it is too large for the volume's format.
    what have i done wrong for paragon to not work when i used the trial it worked fine.
    ps. i also tryed to download a free version before i ended up paying for it. could a older version be interfering with this new updated version? if so how can i fix this
    please help

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    Paragon NTFS is a driver which allows your Mac (OS X) to read and write to a NTFS formatted drive. That has nothing whatsoever to do with not being able to transfer a larger than 4 GB file to a FAT-32 formatted drive. FAT-32 is restricted to a single file that is less than 4 GB because of its sector limitations.

    I have no idea what you're referring to about the trial version of Paragon working to allow files over 4 GB to be transferred to a FAT-32 drive as that is not what Paragon NTFS does.

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    Jul 09, 2013
    hi chscag
    thanks for your reply. i think i may have been wrong then as i used the trial some time ago now but i remembered being able to transfer from my mac a file over 4gb onto a fat32 windows drive.
    can you help me with a program that will let me do this?

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    There is nothing that will allow you to put a file >4 GB onto a FAT32 partition. This is a limitation of FAT32.

    You want to store files over 4 GB, and the drive moves between Windows and Mac machines, now that you have NTFS for Mac, you are going to need to reformat the partition to NTFS.
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