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    Problems after disk replacement
    I have a MacBook Pro, circa late 2010. Last week I suddenly suffered massive sector errors on the disk. The local Apple store replaced the hard drive and loaded the default version of Snow Leopard. (same as the failed HD)

    I had a recent (5 days old) Time Machine archive available. After the initial boot I did Software Update several times to bring the machine up to date (it was fully up to date when the old hard drive died). When Software Update no longer showed any updates I did a Time Machine restore. Unfortunately, after that Software Update then showed more updates to install (which I did).

    After all of this was complete I noted a number of problems:

    1. Boot times are now about 3X longer than when the old disk died. During boot there is a long interval with a blue screen, which the machine never did before the HD replacement. (I hope this is not the MS Blue Screen of Death...)

    2. Most annoying, I can no longer connect to WiFi. I tried several ideas that I found on the Web, none of them worked satisfactorily. I finally had "success" by creating a new Network Location. I can now connect, but this "fix" makes absolutely no sense. My suspicion is corruption in the default Network Profile, but that is a guess. It appears many people have this issue. One would think there would be a real fix for this situation. So far I have not found one anyplace (including Tech Support at Apple).

    3. Several of the applications that came with my MacBook Pro now have a white cross-out symbol over them. Several postings online stated that this would go away once I had applied all Software Updates to my machine. But alas that has not been the case. The applications will run, but it is disturbing to see the No Access symbol over the top of the application icons.

    4. Startup times for all applications on my machine are now noticeably longer than with the old disk. On average the apps take about 2X longer to display than they did before disk replacement.

    I have spent a considerable amount of time researching these issues but have not made any progress in solving them. Your assistance will be greatly appreciated!

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    You should have immediately restored using your Time Machine backup instead of using software update first. At this point in time it may be best to reinstall Snow Leopard and then use your Time Machine backup that you made. If possible, do a clean install of Snow Leopard rather than reinstall over the top of itself. That should resolve the slowness and take care of the other problems.

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    Hmmmm. I would never have thought that was the way to go. The Apple techs told me to follow the route I went down (which I realize does not guarantee success). It's early enough that I will try your solution. Thank you!

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