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    Question Itunes - Right Click not working
    I am using a MBP with the current iTunes. In my Library I can right click on a song and change the name, delete and add or modify a bunch of things.

    My wife has a MBA with the current version of iTunes and the right click option does not work. She has to select the song and go to file and Get Info or use the short cut key Command I.

    Its not a big deal but Its really bothering me, I compared the setting and everything looks just fine.

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    Is your wife using a mouse or the built in trackpad? If she's using a mouse, have her go to System Preferences, Mouse, and check that she has it setup correctly. She might have setup the buttons backward.

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    She is using the built in trackpad

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    Ok I just checked my trackpad settings. We both have the same settings for secondary click, "use two fingers"

    I tried two fingers on hers and it worked. I changed her settings from "use two fingers" to "click bottom right"

    I left my settings alone. Weird how my "use two fingers" works as a right bottom click?

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    As you said that when you used two fingers it worked on her MBA, I'd say the origin of the issue is with her, not the machine. I'll bet if you'd changed that to a two-finger tap (not click) she would have gotten it right away.

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