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    Loading webpages is slow in all browsers
    I'm using Lion, and for the past few months, loading web pages has been *really* slow. The browser says 'waiting for <webpage>' often for over a minute. Of course, this is worse if there is any sort of tracking, because I have to wait for that as well. I'm using FiOS, so I know it's not my connection speed.

    I've already tried setting my dns to, and I've disabled ipv6 from the terminal. But the problem still persists.

    I have found that turning off wifi, then turning it back on will speed up the process for a little while, but it gets bogged down again in a few minutes. Any ideas on a fix?

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    If you're using FIOS, that's a classic DNS problem, however, before we jump to any conclusions, check your speeds first to make sure. Verizon routinely changes DNS servers and it depends on your local area. They have done that to me on several occasions which is why I don't use their DNS servers.

    Also if you're using their Actiontech router, some of the older models do not allow a DNS server change even if you set it up in your Network settings. You need to check the router internal settings to make sure.

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