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    Can't remorely administer server
    I can't administer my Snow leopard server
    I have enabled remote login and remote management in system preferences/sharing and have enabled remote management, screen sharing, remote login (SSH) in Server preferences/security.
    I can use the ssh command in terminal to access the server and even change file permissions and ownerships.
    But even when my new ownerships are visible in the file properties when viewed directly on the server, it ignores them and denies access to the group I have enabled remotely and which the server declares has access.
    It is showing read write access to the members of Group a, but if I log on to a client computer as identity X who is a member of Group a, the only files I can open are those that identity X has specific permissions for.
    What is the secret to adminstering file permissions on a Mac server without plugging a screen and keyboard in every time to add a file to it?.

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    You say remote access, do you mean logging in from outside the network?

    If so, you need to configure your networks router to pass through traffic on he ports needed for screen sharing etc.

    And if you have recently added users and groups to a shared drive, you may need to propagate the new permissions on that share to get them to take effect

    If you need any further help with this just shout and I'llpoint iu at some online resources that should help you with running OSX server
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