I have 7 imap mail accounts in Apple Mail. With every one of these the in-box ended up under MAILBOXES > Inbox. All other folders for that account (Junk, Sent, Drafts, Deleted, & user defined) ended up lower in the pane under an all cap name of the account.

I just added an 8th imap account and it setup differently. The main Inbox folder is the same, (subdirectory-"box" of Inbox) but all the other folders for the account are subfolders of the Inbox (instead of appearing lower in the pane as the other accounts.)

1.) Does anyone know why the folder structure would be different for a single account? A provided script was used to create the account.

2.) Is there any way to make my setup consistent? The folders below (first 7 accounts) cannot be moved into their matching inbox above (as is the 8th account), and I have no idea on how I could create the 8th setup to be like the other 7. (Other folders under account name lower in pane.)

Any explanation and/or ideas appreciated.