Hi all,

This is a problem that befuddled me for the last 2 days. It used to happen every once in a while, but after the most recent OSX update, it now happens all the time. Basically what happens is after running either remote desktop or a virtual machine in Parallels, the mouse becomes all jumpy and many of the multitouch gestures no longer work. But it's not like they become disabled, but rather, the touch pad starts having problems recognizing them. It's like the entire touchpad becomes very glitchy. It almost feels like a hardware problem, but after a restart, everything is back to normal. And everything works grate until I lunch either Remote Desktop or Parallels. Even stranger, it does not begin immediately after lunching Remote Desktop or Parallels, but only after using one of those 2 programs for 5-10 min.

This is the most bizarre problem I have encountered on the Mac, and it prompted me to register for this form, and ask. I hope you guys could point me in the right direction. One thing I was thinking, is there a way to restart the touchpad driver without restarting the rest of the computer.

BTW, I am using 2010ish MBP.

Thanks for any help,

- Bogdan