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Thread: terminal and logKext v2.2

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    terminal and logKext v2.2
    I have used the key logging logKext for months and it has worked fine. It has been a couple months since I last logged in. And now when I try to type in the first prompt of "sudo logKextClient" it says, "command not found." Why all of a sudden is this happening? The only thing I may have done since last using it is plug in my IPHONE to upgrade to 6.0, but nothing as far as I can recall to the computer.

    I have read many threads on this, and nothing helps.
    PS, I'm operating on 10.5.8


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    Try "which logKextClient". Do you know where it was installed? Have you or something you installed changed your $PATH?
    Check your dot files, .bashrc and .bash_profile etc.

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