Hello all,

So I have a terabyte hard drive that I had inside my 2006 white macbook. I had 2 partitions on it: The main partition, which is what I boot off of ( 500gb ) and my backup partition for my windows computer (500gb also). I recently needed the data off of the windows backup partition, so I took the hard drive out of the computer and hooked it up to an external drive and plugged it into a computer. The first go around it recognized the windows partition. Second time around plugging it in, it does not. It recognizes it as a drive, but gives me an error saying incorrect parameters or something of that nature ( on the Windows Machine. ) So I hook it up to my other macbook, and open up disk utility. It lists the drive over in the left tab as my terabyte drive, but it lists the partitions as 'disk1s2' and 'disk1s3' both of which are grayed out. I hit verify, and everything checked out okay, but they are still listed as 1s2 and 1s3, still grayed out. Same thing when I click repair disk. Everything checks out okay, but still same problem. They also will not show up in finder. I click partition 'disk1s2' and try to verify and it tells me it needs to be repaired. On both partitions when trying to repair, this happens:

Screen Shot 2013-06-23 at 2.55.48 AM.png

Neither Windows or Mac machine will read this drive. Even when I put it back into the macbook and hit option up at boot, no partitions come up. What went wrong with this drive and how can I fix it? I might have also yanked the drive out when it was in the external if that helps. Help would be greatly appreciated !