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    Question Can anybody help ?
    Hi everybody need some help. I'm in the process of upgrading my mid 2010 MacBook Pro to a dual drive setup. I have already installed Corsair 8GB ram, and have a Samsung 840 Pro Series 128GB, and WD Scorpio Blue 1TB, along with the HDD caddy and Superdrive enclosure. I was hoping somebody can help me

    Ialready know I have to install the SSD and install the OS onto it, my question is when I swap out the SuperDrive for the 1TB HDD what do I do from there? Do I install it boot up the computer and then what?

    Thank You

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    I was gonna try, but this one's above my pay grade. Maybe a more descriptive title with a clue about the content would have helped me. Anyway, I hope someone else can help you. Welcome to Mac Forums!

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    Assuming the OS you're installing is on a disc, you'll probably want to pick up an external DVD drive ($35 on Amazon). Once you get everything installed, it should just be a matter of popping your OS disc into the DVD drive, holding the Option key down and booting from the disc. From there, you can access Disk Utility to prep the disks.

    If you're using Lion/Mountain Lion, you may want to consider creating a USB Flash drive with the installer files prior to doing the hardware installation.

    More info here: How to make a bootable Mountain Lion install drive | Macworld
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