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    please i need help...finder won't unfreeze
    Hi I'm running 10.3.9, I need help, badly. Any suggestions would be helpful. I was using Final Cut Pro, I exported this video file as an image sequence, there were a lot of them, they were placed on my desktop. Afterwards, anytime I try to access anything on my desktop, I get the spinning colored ball, I can't open anything on my desktop, nothing up top in the menu bar either.

    I can access all my applications in my dock, but I can't even delete the files on the desktop that are causing the problem because it locks up the finder if I try. Does anyone have any idea what I could do to fix this? Thanks for your help.

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    First: Log Out and log back in. If you can't access the Apple Menu to log out. Press the keys "Command+Shift+Option+Q" and it should log you out.

    If that doesn't work, Restart.

    After the restart (if it's still doing it), Repair Permissions by opening Disk Utility and clicking "Repair Permissions" on your Macintosh HD.

    Try these things, if none work, post back.
    I try to Command+Shift+/ when I can.
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    I restarted earlier, it still does it.

    I would repair the permissions but I can't access disk utility because the finder is frozen, so I can't get in there and open it. Is there a way I can open it without using the finder? That sounds impossible.

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    Well I almost got disk utility open, I tried a link in Help Viewer that would have done it, but it jspins for awhile and a pop up message saying the item cannot be opened because it is disabled or uninstalled. THat shouldn't be true.

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    if you have the cds you could always boot into the first disk and use disk utility.

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    I used disk utility but it says theres an error when i try to verify the permission, and I have to quit disk utility.

    I really want to know what happened, before I fork over the $$$ to get a new computer thats more competent than mine.

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    Here is something you can try…

    if you are able to do a find (command + "f") search for, select it and press Command + delete key (this will trash the file and force the OS to build a new one)

    Also search for, select it and press Command + delete key

    restart the system

    Hope it helps
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