Hi guys,

0 posts right here, but I read a couple of threads on MF earlier and it looked like this could be the right place to ask for help.

What I'm trying to do, is to remap/swap some keys around from the standard Persian keyboard layout that came pre-installed. I have tried doing so with Ukulele, and no matter how or where I save the layout file - it just won't appear under "Input Sources" in my system settings. The location I used when saving the files was Library - Keyboard Layouts.

I'm on a 13" Macbook Air and I'm running Mountain Lion (OS X 10.8.2).

So this is what I have tried so far:

- Tried saving it as a normal keyboard layout file, but it won't appear under input sources.

- Tried saving it as a so called "bundle", but it won't appear under input sources.

- (Followed Apples own guide on this issue Mac OS X Leopard: Keyboard Viewer, Character Palette does not appear) I opened up Terminal, and

I did sudo rm /System/Library/Caches/com.apple.IntlDataCache*

and then

sudo rm /var/folders/*/*/-Caches-/com.apple.IntlDataCache*

When I tried the Terminal commands, it said "no such file or directory found".

Thank you for reading this far - does anyone know what I should do?

I'm in desperate need of making these key swaps, if anyone has another solution (doesn't need to involve Ukulele) I will gladly try that too.

A million thanks in advance,