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    reboot in full screen flash videos
    Hello! Im new here and have a question so last week i picked up a early 2006 macbook core duo i installed a new hard drive and put snow leopard on it everything runs great expect one thing flash videos. When on youtube or any flash based video site about 20% of the time the second I enter full screen the laptop reboots as in power is cut off and boots to the apple logo and login screen. everything is up to date and i have not found a solution for this. im also running windows 7 (bootcamp) it does not have this problem when running 7 any help would be appreciated.

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    Can you install Google Chrome and try the same video(s) - does the same thing happen?
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    Yes it does it in Google Chrome and Firefox and Safari.I did a reinstall of flash and noting same problem i reset the pram smc still no change

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