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    Restoring data on an iMac from a loan machine

    My iMac is currently being repaired (weird display) at an authorised reseller's establishment and have been provided with a replacement. (Unfortunately, it has only 2GB Ram compared with my dozen, but however....)

    I have been able to migrate my personal account to this machine and it works quite well.

    I am likely to have this iMac for about 2 weeks.

    I have Time Machine hooked up.

    When I finally get my original iMac back, is it just a case of doing the same thing or do I restore the whole drive? Obviously, I will have a number of new files on the temporary machine.

    Essentially I want all my old stuff and the new files on the old iMac when it comes back. I'm not clear on the procedure to adopt, and I'd prefer not to lose anything important.



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    You won't lose anything because it will be in the Time Machine backup, back you can always copy vital files to another external drive for belt and braces.

    In fact this might be a more elegant solution than using time machine, if it's just your files.

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    Thanks Mrplow for your feedback.

    My hesitation in using Time Machine for the transfer back to my original iMac is that I read on one of the panels (when I did the original transfer to the loan machine) is that TM should only be used on the machine that it was created on. Hence the use of Migration Assistant.

    (Bit wordy that, but I hope it's clear what I'm trying to describe)

    I like the idea of copying new files to an external and then transferring to the 'old' machine.

    I'll do that.

    Cheers M

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