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    Cool spam mail
    Other than changing my e mail address is there any way I can get rid of a spam mail that has suddenly appeared.

    it is addressed to me at my correct 'e' mail address

    sender is using 'my full e mail address'.

    If i open it it just provides a link to a sexual medical service - never followed the link just checked the once and now every mail gets deleted immediately.

    I get 3 - 4 of these a day!! and cannot understand how as the only medical service we have ever used is the NHS.
    Many thanks

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    You could just mark them as Junk to filter them out

    I use my old yahoo email address when required to provide an email address so that account attracts all the spam. My regular address is reserved for trusted companies, individuals and sites
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    What do you use for e-mail?

    You should be able to mark senders as spammers and that will send those messages directly to your Spam folder. DO NO reply to them asking to be removed from their e-mail list. That only lets them know that they have a "live" account.

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    I read an article from a magazine a few years and it said that people may not know that spamming is illegal, when you get a spam email forward it to this email address to report it.

    I had lot's of spam a couple years ago and nothing now.
    Hopefully this works for you

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    Thanks for the advice will give its go

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