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    Clicked fishy link and ran java, now what?
    Hi everyone,

    So being the dummy that I am, I clicked a fishy link and mindlessly ran java when prompted. Came to my senses very quickly and closed the page almost immediately, but doing a bit of research I'm almost sure the site was malicious/some sort of malware.

    I'm running Mac OS X 10.8.3 with JRE and visited the site with Firefox 20. I haven't noticed anything wrong with my computer so far but am just wondering what my chances of infection are and if there's anything I should do or be looking out for.

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    Gday and welcome to the forums.

    Did you put in your admin password at all at anytime through this process ?? IF not I'm pretty sure you will be safe.
    If you did then you could of indadvertedly installed something you don't want.

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    Hard to tell what may or may not have happened not knowing what the site was (please don't post a link - it will be removed). Can you describe what happened, what you were doing, what the prompt looked like and what it was asking?
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    Thanks for the responses.

    Basically it was just a "check out this video!" type link, which took me to a page that showed a graphic like a video was loading (which I'm pretty sure was fake). A banner appeared on the top of firefox asking me to allow java to run either once or always on the site. Looked like this except for firefox instead of chrome: I clicked run once and almost right after I thought what am I doing? and closed the page right away. I never entered a password or seemed to download anything besides allowing the .jar file to run.

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