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    Snow Leopard will not boot
    Hey, so Snow Leopard froze temporarily on my Macbook Pro and without warning when I was using it, temporarily unfreezing long enough for me to shut the computer down.

    When I attempted to turn it back on, I was trapped at a white screen with the grey apple and the rotating progress circle, indefinitely.

    I attempted to solve the issue in a variety of ways recommended on this forum and other sources of information, but have yet to resolve the problem.

    I have attempted to place my original install DVD and boot from that, using both the C key and the Option key on startup, with each option disregarding, then ejecting the DVD and leaving me at the screen described above.

    I then attempted, on the recommendation of to boot in safe mode, unsuccessfully, leading me to the screen described above again and again.

    I started in both single user and verbose mode, attempting to utilize /sbin/fsck -fy to resolve the issue, upon recommendation of, but the message *** FILE SYSTEM WAS MODIFIED *** would consistently appear, never reaching the ideal *** the volume ____ appears to be ok. In verbose mode, I would repeatedly receive the disk0s2: I/O error for nearly an hour.

    I am unsure how to proceed, lacking in savviness when it comes to technology, and was hoping that the implications of a completely dead HDD found elsewhere are not as true as they seem.

    Thank you for your assistance.

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    Unfortunately, you don't quite have enough info to rule out a motherboard failure. You have to find some way to boot up (including external drive), to decide that.
    First troubleshooting step - replace the hard drive (and consider the drive cable, too).
    (sorry, but not guaranteed to work)

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    It appears you have several things that are in need of repair:

    1. Your optical drive is either failing or needs cleaning. A blast of air with a compressed air canister may be all that it needs.

    2. I agree with member "gsahli" that your hard drive needs replacing, and as he also said it might be a good idea to replace the SATA cable at the same time.

    Have you been making backups?

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