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    Question regarding formatting/backing up to new hard drive
    I recently dropped and messed up my external HD which led me to getting two new drives, one to be my new external and one that is faster with twice the capacity for my MacBook Pro. All of my time machine back ups are on the damaged disk, so I would like to back up my current internal HD to the new soon-to-be internal that is currently mounted through USB. When that is done I plan to put that drive into the MBP and again backup everything to the other new drive. Can anyone give me some guidance on doing this correctly, not very familiar with this and want to do it correctly the first time thanks!

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    Download and use either Carbon Copy Cloner or SuperDuper to clone the contents of your current internal hard drive to the new drive. After the copying is finished, test the external to see if it will boot your machine OK. If it does, swap the drives around. You didn't mention which version of OS X you're running but Carbon Copy Cloner will also copy the recovery partition whereas SuperDuper will not. That means if you're running Lion or Mountain Lion you should use Carbon Copy Cloner.

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    Used SuperDuper and it worked great thanks a lot!

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