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    Display issue
    Hello all,

    Below is a picture of the screen on my late 2008 MacBook Unibody. The screen is displaying vertical lines that measure 1" - 1.5" in width. They appear whenever I open the screen. When I torque the screen back and forth or hit the screen on the top or sides, sometimes they will go away. Also, when I hold the screen from the side, they sometimes go away. I am wondering if anyone else has had this problem and what was needed to fix it. I can't afford to buy a new computer at this point and am hoping it is just the screen that needs replacing. I called my local Mac repair guys and they said it would be either the logic board or the screen, both of which can cost up to $500 to have professionally installed. Any help is appreciated.
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    I don't believe it's the logic board or the screen but of course I could be wrong. I believe it's either a loose video cable to its connector or one of the cables is being pinched which is why by moving the top lid back and forth it will return to normal. The cure for that is to open up your MacBook and reseat the cable(s) or perhaps replace them if defective.

    Go to iFixit: The free repair manual and take a look at the instructions for taking your MacBook apart and how the cables connect.

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    **UPDATE** Screen Fixed!!!
    After much research and frustration, I called Apple and set up an appointment at their Genius Bar. When I got there, the Genius checking out my computer took a screenshot of the lines that appeared. He then viewed the screenshot in an area of the screen that was clear and VOILA, NO LINES!! Of course this seemed like common sense as he was doing it, but the end result is that the issue was not with the logic board, it was with the screen. They offered their flat rate repair service to fix the screen, and they ended up fixing the lower case, too! All for just under $300.

    I hope this helps other mac users out there who are having the same issue.

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